La Coalition canadienne pour la prévention de la noyade est attachée à ses principes directeurs qui mettent l’accent sur l’importance d’être culturellement respectueux dans les approches et les interventions, de réduire les inégalités et d’apprendre de toutes les communautés. La Coalition s’oppose au racism.

Providing national leadership, coordination, and action planning to prevent Drowning in Canada

Drowning is a preventable public Health Problem

By the Numbers Through 20 Years in Canada

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The Canadian Drowning Prevention Plan is dynamic and will change as often as every six months to reflect the progress of data, actions, and outcomes.


Join us as we partner to lead and champion a public health approach to drowning prevention. Learn about our upcoming conferences.

Our Goal

The aspirational long-term vision of the Canadian Drowning Prevention Coalition is zero mortality and morbidity from drowning.

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Our Makeup

Canadian Drowning Prevention Coalition Structure


Board of Directors

Multisectoral input and shared leadership is an essential component of the public health approach in the search for successful actions, impacts, andoutcomes.

Planning & Creating

Steering Committee

The steering committee appoints technicalworking group leaders for each key focus area for drowning prevention in Canada.


Technical Working Groups

The technical working group leaders form multisectoral working groups to create recommendations for high impact actions to reduce drowning in one of the key focus targets

It's time we put an end to drowning in Canada

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